The Gulf of Morbihan is known to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It boasts numerous islets and islands much to the delight of holidaymakers. Treat yourself to a boat trip to discover this jewel of Brittany during your stay at your campsite in Damgan.

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Explore one of the most beautiful bays in the world

The Gulf of Morbihan is an inland sea measuring 100m2 which is separated from the Atlantic ocean by Port-Navalo gully.

This natural site stretches from east to west over a stretch of 20 km. It is renowned for its islands and islets, its mosaic of landscapes, its natural luminosity, as well as its microclimate. It’s no wonder it is considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world, along with the bays of Gulf of Porto, San Francisco, Santander and Mont-Saint-Michel.

It certainly deserves its place in this selective club as it meets all the necessary criteria:

  • Protected natural site
  • An area with real economic potential
  • An area that has a good reputation both locally and nationally
  • An area that holds symbolic value for the population
  • An area with remarkable biodiversity
  • An area boasting a mosaic of stunning landscapes

You can explore the Gulf of Morbihan in a kayak, dinghy, stand-up paddle or windsurf.

A boat trip is however the best means of travel to visit each corner of this protected natural site.

In just a few hours you can tour the gulf and stop off at one or several islands during your trip.

Boat cruises are the best way to fully enjoy the incredible panorama of the rugged coastline of Morbihan, the ports and the varied landscapes that decorate this gem.

The islands in the Gulf of Morbihan

If you decide to take a boat cruise around the gulf, here are some of the islands you can visit:

  • Île aux Moines et îles de Brouel (Île-aux-Moines)
  • Île d’Arz et Ile Drenec ( Île-d’Arz)
  • Île Bailleron (Saint-Armel) which houses a biological station
  • Er Lannic (which houses a bird reserve)
  • Île de la Jument (Arzon)
  • Gavrinis (Larmor-Baden)
  • Île Longue (Larmor-Baden)
  • Grand et Petit Logoden et Île Irus (Arradon)
  • Île Gohivan, Île Godec et Île des Œufs (Sarzeau)
  • Grand et Petit Huernic (Locmariaquer)
  • Île Quistinic et Île Tascon (Saint-Armel)

Boat cruises departing from Vannes

There are regular boat cruises departing from Vannes with the Compagnie du Golfe and a choice of excursions.

For 23 euros per person, departing from Vannes, you can enjoy a 3-hour cruise around the gulf and main islands without leaving the boat. The following excursions are available:

  • Cruise with one stop: this trip stops off at Ile aux Moines or Ile d’Arz. You can choose which island you would like to visit as well as the duration of the stop.
  • Cruise with 2 stops : this is a longer cruise which takes you around the gulf in a day stopping off at Ile aux Moines and Ile d’Arz.

Departures every day in peak season. In the low season, the departure times are rather irregular and vary from one week to the next.

If you are travelling with a group or would like a bit more privacy, you can privatise the boat.

You can also travel with Navix which offers dinner-cruises and lunch cruises.



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