Jutting out into the sea for 14 km and only 72 feet (22 m) wide at its narrowest point, the Quiberon peninsula is a tourist destination par excellence. With its rugged coastline, vast sandy beaches, fishing villages and rich cultural history, this beautiful region of Morbihan will not disappoint during your camping holiday in Damgan.

La Bay of Quiberon

Sailing enthusiasts in particular appreciate the Bay of Quiberon: dinghy, catamaran, windsurfing, the wind is always there. The water is ideal for swimming, so swimmers can indulge in their favourite activities on a calm sea which is a little warmer than on the Ocean side. Enthusiasts can also enjoy shore fishing and shellfish gathering.

The “little beach” is just a few minutes’ walk from the houses, ideal for your holiday. Not far from there is the pretty “Plage Bleue”, in the fishing village of Kerhostin. On Tuesday morning, take a look around the pretty market

The beaches in Quiberon have something for everyone. The windy, sandy stretches to the west of Penthièvre in the north are popular with horse riders, sand yachts and surfers, while families favour the sheltered beaches around Saint-Pierre-Quiberon to the south. Wherever you are, you will not be far from someone who can teach you a water sport or rent you equipment.

Wild Coast - Quiberon

The wild coast is on the west coast of the Quiberon peninsula. A short stretch of road a few kilometres long takes you along the Atlantic coast, offering breathtaking views on the way.

With steep cliffs, wild creeks, sunsets and seagulls, the road follows the movement of the sea and offers spectacular views.

The wild coast is the perfect place to get back in touch with nature. Set off for an invigorating walk during your camping holiday in Damgan.

On the way, you’ll come across hidden caves, arches and coves, but swimming is strictly forbidden due to the strong current.

The area is rich in fauna and flora with a mixture of dunes and heathland. As well as spectacular views of the coast and Belle-Île, the largest island in Brittany, you will also come across the remains of a Roman fish farm and a Bronze Age fort and see many diving seabirds.

By car, bike or on foot, discover the wild coast, starting from Château Turpault, take the coastal road to the old Fishpond, the Prompt Box, Port Kerné fountain, Pointe de Kervihan, Port Bara , the beaches of Port Blanc and its arch, Pointe du Percho and finally Pointe de Beg in the Aud..

Discover the beauty of this wild coast with its invigorating landscapes shaped by the winds and seasons

Set off to explore the islands, far from Quiberon

Belle-Ile en Mer is the largest island in Brittany.
With its year-round microclimate and stunning coastline (most of the island is listed and protected), the island offers a breathtaking and fascinating spectacle to all who visit.

Organise your visit: check timetables and prices for crossings on-line, rent a scooter, car or buggy and discover this beautiful island.

Belle-Île-en-Mer, the largest island in Brittany is a wonderful place to visit and we strongly recommend you make the trip during your holiday in Damgan.

It is fantastic for hiking with a coastal path stretching for 95km around the island to explore the incredible scenery and sea views.

Don’t forget its “sister islands”, Houat and Hoëdic: endless coves and golden sandy beaches

Quaint villages

The villages in Quiberon are quite delightful: small clusters of granite or fishermen’s houses painted in blue and white, old chapels; four ports where fishermen unload their catches and where weekenders moor their cruisers.

Port Maria was once the largest sardine fishing port in France and still has about 200 fishing boats today. It is here that you can catch the ferry to Belle-Ile.

Quiberon specialities

Try some pancakes or salt water taffy while strolling along the seaside promenade, visiting the various boutiques and gift shops.

From the harbour, you can catch a ferry to Belle-Île-en-Mer.

Saint-Pierre-Quiberon is the main village of the peninsula and the most lively.

The streets are full of fish restaurants, food stores, art galleries and homeware stores.

It is best known for the Belle-Iloise fish cannery. You can go on a free tour of the factory before tasting some of the products.

Children love the “niniche” lollies from Maison d’Armorine.



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