Gourmet favourites from Brittany

Other than the wild boar feasts in the village of Asterix and Obélix, Brittany is renowned for its diversified gastronomy that is truly embedded in the territory. From buckwheat pancakes to oysters and lobsters, to gourmet biscuits… delight your taste with the flavours of Brittany. Discover the region’s delicious sweet and savoury specialities. We can give you advice on the best places to enjoy Breton gastronomy.

Buckwheat Galette

Whether in the creperies on every street corner or in the markets or on your campsite, you can enjoy a sausage galette, ham-egg-cheese galette or Guéméné andouille sausage galette at any time of day.

Salted-butter caramel

On a crepe (pancake), on bread or simply on a spoon. One mouthful will take you straight to Brittany!

Kouign Amann

This is a Breton cake par excellence. It is often said that the recipe is simple: flour, sugar (lots of sugar) and butter (lots and lots of butter). But the flavour is unique and that’s what makes it!

Breton palet butter biscuits

The Breton Palet is the biscuit that takes you back to your childhood! Dry and crunchy! To be eaten on its own or used as a base for tarts or cheesecake!

Penerf Oysters

The Penerf oyster is one of the six crus of southern Brittany along with “Aven Belon”, “Etel Ria”, the “Quiberon”, the “Gulf of Morbihan” and the “Croisicaise”. Essential for a gourmet seafood platter.

Breton Cider

Inland, Breton landscapes are shaped by orchards. With plenty of sunshine and little rain, the apples harvested are exceptionally rich in sugar which is what makes it possible to produce such outstanding cider.


This honey-based liqueur is to be enjoyed with seafood, game, pancakes or as an after-dinner drink. Careful not to empty the bottle!

At the end of your holiday in Morbihan in southern Brittany, don’t forget to leave with a small souvenir of Breton gastronomy.



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